Our Top Five Fall Fashion Must-Haves

Tina, here.  While you’re at the beach (so jealous) or the pool (still, jealous), sipping lemonade and lighting leftover fireworks, we are gearing up for Fall fashion.  
We know what you need in your closet now, this Fall, to remain the classy and current woman you are and aspire to be.

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Did you just break out in a sweat looking at this amazing cape? 

To find out what our Top Five Fall Fashion Must-Haves are, keep reading.

Trend-hunters have always looked to the streets, not the runway shows, for what’s next in fashion.  And that has never been more true than today with the plethora of street-style bloggers out there. My new fave is Blair Eadie from San Francisco.

Her blog is a virtual diary of her wardrobe: you start to recognize the same pieces that she reinterprets over and over again in new ways to capture her mood of the moment.  It’s not so much what she is wearing, as how she wears it that is the future of this Fall.
I heart her style.
The perfect mix of fresh and classic, lady-like and fun.    So here is what you’ll be wanting:

1. Something leather or suede.  A jacket, a skirt, a pant.  Just something!

Black leather motorcycle jacket softened with a maxi skirt.

“You got your black leather in my brown.”  “You got your brown leather in my black. ” Two great tastes that taste great together.   (Just like a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup.)

2. Something in red or merlot.

Have I mentioned that everyone in Paris wear a short-sleeve or 3/4 length fur? And gloves.  Love.

Blair Eadie
Ahhh, capes.  Love the leopard print tuxedo loafer, too.

3. A fab handbag.

Grey reptile.  Gasp.

Blair’s ever-present Celine handbag.

4. Pearls.  They are back “in.” I promise we can make them cool for you.

This is just to die for.

Look closely.  There, see ‘em? Pearls and plaid.  Very 2012.

5. Something equestrian-themed, Town & Country-ish or Field & Stream vibey.

Vintage Ralph Lauren silk blouse.

Red Hunter boots and plaid.  Very 2012.

Sensing a throw-back to the past when we gathered ’round bonfires with flannels and boots and wore our pearls with jeans because our grandmothers said to? 
This is Fall 2012, rich with themes from the past, reinterpreted for the very present.
I love it!

Ralph Lauren Buffalo Check with black.  I know you’re shocked that I like this red with this black, seeing as how I typically can’t stand primary colors with black.  But RL knows how to do it right.  And so do we – we can show you how to wear color with black without looking like an ’80’s bad dream.
An ivory or white top would have been so much better with these red pants.  And brown boots.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with Fall style know-how?  Do you just go completely crazy when you think about how to wear it all without looking like an ill-fated flashback?  Email us and we’ll save you time and money by sourcing and putting together the right wardrobe for you.

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“I am a repeat season client with Tina Adams Wardrobe Consulting and am thankful every day I made the investment in time and money to give her the freedom to transform my wardrobe. Now my clothes are all age-appropriate, classic, and fit me beautifully.  I like everything in my closet.  I marvel at the number of times I am complemented on how lovely I look.  I haven’t lost any weight in the last 2 years, but people regularly think I have. What a boost! The Style Book she made for me makes my choices fun, beautiful and I feel like the best version of myself. Best of all the investment I have made is  paying off. I don’t have to replace pieces every year.  I now have a plan and can better manage my clothing budget because of her guidance. I regularly and enthusiastically recommend Tina Adams to friends, family and clients without reservation. She is a wardrobe dream come true.”Rachel Brooks, ABR, GRI, Realtor®, Parks Properties

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our website at www.tinaadamsconsulting.com.

all images courtesy http://atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com/ and style.com

Creating the perfect wardrobe for the way you love to live.

Creating the perfect wardrobe for the way you love to live.

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